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Past Life Ghost Story - Past Life Regression

Past Life Ghost Story

When a visit to a ‘haunted house’ reminds Mel of the house from a Past Life Regression, what happens next causes quite a stir… 

In her own words…

“I’ve had the past life regression CD for a while now and have done approximately 10 regressions to date.

In one I went back to the beginning of the 1900’s. I was a lonely child whose Father died when I was about 6 years old. I myself died at the age of 8 from diphtheria.

In the regression I was living or staying at a large white Georgian style house set in parklands. As with all the regressions I’ve done, the details have remained very vivid in my mind and I haven’t needed to check my notebook whilst writing this although the regression was a few years ago.

Another of my interests in my spare time is paranormal investigation. I go on one or two a year with an organized group. Last year an investigation came up at Hylands House in Essex (UK) so I went online to have a look as it wasn’t far to travel.

In my amazement the house looked very like the house in my regression. I convinced a group of friends to join me on the investigation but didn’t mention why I favored that particular one.

During the course of the investigation a group of 6 of us (Myself and 3 friends and 2 others who were strangers to us before that evening) sat around a table in the basement of the house to try some glass divination with a spirit board.

Immediately a spirit came through and we asked if it had a connection to the house or a message for someone around the table. The glass glided quickly across the table to me and then spelt out the name John Stewart.

I know of no-one in this life of that name so as I had felt the previous connection to the house I asked if this was someone from a previous life. The glass immediately raced to the yes on the table.

I then told the people around the table about the regression and they started to ask questions to get some more details. One of the ladies around the table who is psychic picked up feeling of great sadness around the table and we discovered the spirit was my father from a previous life.

He just kept repeating that he was so sorry he left me. While this was happening I was more than a little skeptical and thinking in my head how mad it all seemed as you can imagine and at the end we asked if he had any other messages. The glass spelt out, just believe!

I did a little research the next day and verified some of the info we had come up with through the evening. I also thought of so many other questions that would have enabled me the get some concrete proof which we didn’t think to ask at the time!.


I found a John Stewart marriage in the area to an Elizabeth J.

My name was Elizabeth ( Bitty, he called me) and my mother was known as Julia.

I was an only child so there was every chance I was named after my mother who may have been known by her middle name.

Can’t obviously prove it without spending money on certificates etc. My father in the regression died of injuries received during WW1 but after the war. Found out that Hylands House was a military convalescent hospital during the war.

Also found a picture of the owner at the times daughter going off to be married but it doesn’t give her first name.

We also discovered that other paranormal groups had picked up on the other spirits we did during the evening. Nothing concrete but interesting none the less.

Should have asked for Julia’s maiden name and stuff like that but just didn’t think of it at the time. There are also numerous John Stewarts on WW1 casualty lists but would need a regiment to verify.

Seems very weird to think I may have met the ghost-spirit of my father from a  previous life, though a little frustrating that I didn’t ask more questions!”


Note from Andrew: Mel is not known for expressing her emotions and is actually Miss Skeptical about many things – so for her to discuss and share this it must have caused quite an impact on her! Thanks Mel. x