Past Life Regression CD

Best Selling Past Life Regression CD

I’ve listened to many Past Life Regression CD’s Andrew – yours is by far the best – Irene Matthews.

This Past Life Regression CD is word-for-word what I say to my private clients who come for a Past Life Regression.

It will give you an absolutely genuine Past Life Regression, any time you choose.

Past Life Regression CD ImageAnd just in case you are wondering, many people have told me you will have a BETTER quality Past Life Regression with this recording, and uncover much more useful information, than if you spend a fortune going to see a Past Life Therapist in person.

You actually get TWO different regressions included – a beginners and an advanced – which means you can go deeper and explore further, uncovering more and more details each time – way beyond the normal questioning of the fully guided version.

You can use it again and again, exploring as many times as you wish, and when used in conjunction with the FREE Past Life E-Books, you can make a remarkable difference to your life nowadays as well.

If you order the CD Version I will also give you FREE access to the instant download version, for immediate use while waiting for your CD to arrive, and you are of course covered by our genuine 60-day no-quibble, money back guarantee.

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Best wishes,

Andrew Parr

Andrew, tried the regression last night. First amazing result… Dorothy Davies