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How YOU can be having your first Past Life Regression just moments from now…

Past Life Regression BoxWith Mypastlife you get TWO Past Life Regressions in MP3 Audio format that you can download instantly for immediate use – so you could be having your first Past Life Regression in just a few moments, if you wish.

The  TWO different regressions are a Fully-Guided Past Life Regression for beginners and an advanced or ‘open’ Past Life Regression for when you are a little more experienced. This means you can go deeper and explore further, uncovering more and more details each time – way beyond the normal questioning of the fully guided version.

You can use the recordings again and again, exploring as many times as you wish, and when used in conjunction with the FREE Past Life E-Books, you can make a remarkable difference to your life nowadays as well.

Past Life Regression PersonThe downloads will play direct from your computer or you can load them onto an iPod or similar device. You can also burn them onto ONE CD COPY as well, so you can listen using any standard CD player.

Once downloaded they will be stored on your computer and can be started just by clicking on them. Your computer will then begin the playback automatically, so all you have to do is make yourself comfortable, adjust the volume and away you go.

Downloading itself is very easy and you will be automatically directed to the download page where there will be full instructions.

The download time will vary depending upon your connection speed, but with a good broadband/ADSL connection it will usually take no more than a few minutes.

These downloads are exactly the same Past Life Regressions you will find on the CD Version – but you can have them right now – even if it’s the middle of the night!

We recommend you use the Fully Guided Past Life Regression to begin with at least, as this will get you used to the whole process and probably give you the best results in your early experiences.

But once you feel more confident, you can experiment with the Advanced, ‘Open’ Past Life Regression… and find out what mysteries are really lurking in the furthest reaches of your mind!

If you have any questions you can contact us here:, or if you would like to begin your past life explorations as soon as possible, you can proceed below:

Download Past Life Regression: $24.95/£20.95 available immediately

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