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Past Life Regression In Your Home - Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression In Your Home

By on May 2, 2014

Past Life Regression – Past Lives

“Experience the Mystery & Adventure of a REAL Past Life Regression Right Now… in the Comfort and Security of Your Own Home!”

Dear Past Life Traveler,

  • Do you believe that you may have lived before in a previous life?
  • Have you ever wondered who you may have been, who you may have known, or what you may have done?
  • Would you like to find out and maybe solve some of your life’s deepest mysteries, at last?
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My name is Andrew Parr and if you are interested in Past Lives, Past Life Regression and finding out who YOU were in a previous life – please read on …

I’m going to give you everything you need to instantly access your own Past Life memories, and show you how to use that information to make dramatic changes in your life nowadays.

You see,

Past Life Regression can not only satisfy your curiosity… it can sometimes make a REAL difference to your life NOW as well.

dorothydavies“I was moved to a momentous occasion… and suddenly everything fell into place …” -Dorothy Davies

(Dorothy is a historical writer, who resolved her writers block when she discovered the character in her novel was actually HER in a past life.)

In fact, if YOU DO have a meaningful Past Life Regression, you may experience any or all of the following beneficial results…

You may begin to feel more at peace in your personal life…

You may begin to move on to a more fulfilling career…

You may even begin to find yourself earning more money…

… and as you break free of the past and finally begin to achieve your TRUE potential, you may simply begin to feel happier.

Naturally, I’ve had a fair few Past Life Regressions myself and one of them most definitely helped me end a struggle I had been battling with for years…

But why are YOU personally interested in Past Life Regression?

Is it simple curiosity?

Or are you looking for something more deep and meaningful?

Here are some more benefits you may receive when you unlock the secrets of YOUR hidden past lives:

# – You may be able to break free of the bonds that tie you to poverty, insufficiency and lack.

# – You may be able to let go of fears and anxieties that plague your daily life and prevent you from achieving true happiness and success.

# – You may find yourself free of personal problems – things that up until now seem to have been inside of you, but outside of your own control, as well as physical ailments, career choices and a whole lot more.

How can YOU experience a GENUINE Past Life Regression right NOW, and enjoy the same benefits?

The answer?

‘Mypastlife Past Life Regression Pack’ – This a beautiful Past Life Regression program -available as an instant download MP3 or CD – designed to give you an exciting and revealing Past Life experience, in your own home.

You receive TWO recordings of me, Andrew Parr – Professional Regression Therapist – which then guide you every step of the way into an absolutely genuine Past Life Adventure – exactly as if you were sat here in my office.

Many people have already used it again and again, and enjoyed the benefits…

Milli-Thornton-3“… I somehow entered a life as a woman living on a Southern plantation circa 1876. I received a great deal of visual and emotional information about her life. In addition, my body received some extremely powerful and unmistakable physical sensations, of a nature which I’d never thought to expect from a past life session. But, in hindsight, it all makes perfect sense.
I’m very excited and hopeful about continuing my past life investigations using your audio files. It’s hard to restrain myself from using your guided meditation again immediately! So you can take that as a huge compliment!” (Milli Thornton)

I love hearing the stories of what you have discovered, especially when there is a lovely mysterious twist…

Wherever you go and whatever you find out, you generally remain calm, relaxed and peaceful throughout, whilst at the same time uncovering fascinating information that has remained buried for years. And the whole thing is entirely safe because YOU remain in control…

But can you really have a GENUINE Past Life Regression in this way? Is it really safe?


image001“Andrew, I can only say “thank you”, yet again. Your CD has given everyone the chance to discover themselves and understand things from “now” more than they would previously have realised. The CD is incredible, and as I said at the start, it is just as if I were sitting in your office with you. I can’t wait to explore further…” Suzanne

(Mypastlife Explorer Suzanne, actually went one step further and researched where she’d been to – does her fascinating story offer proof of past lives? Click here to read all about it and find out more)

I receive lots of emails from people telling me the Mypastlife Past Life Regression is BETTER than when they spent a fortune going to see a Past Life Therapist!

Here’s more of what can you expect to find out…

Details… of who you may have been, who you may have known & what you may have done in your Past Lives

Answers… as to WHY you FEEL some of the things you feel in this life

Knowledge … of how to break free from the past and move on to a better future

amanda“Hi again, Andrew. I’ve really enjoyed the guided Past Life Regression. I’ve discovered 2 different lives – the first in 1860′s England and one in 1511 (not sure where that one was). I’m working now on trying to figure out how they relate and influence my current life.” Amanda Shertzer

listen1Is it easy to use?

Yes. You just make yourself comfortable and follow the simple instructions.

So what’s the total cost…?

Well, if I tell you that here in London I charge £120 ($240) an hour for each session, then you could see that 3 or 4 visits can soon add up and could easily cost you close to £500 ($1000) or more.

But thanks to the wonders of the internet and downloads I can give YOU the very same experience, as many times as you want, for a tiny fraction of the price – just $24.95 in fact (that’s about £19.95, incl vat,  depending on exchange rates) – which is an amazing saving of $100’s/£100’s.

To begin exploring your past lives today, please choose ONE of the following…

Past Life Regression Instant Download Version
Available Immediately: $24.95/£20.95




Past Life Regression CD Version – Free Shipping

Dispatched within 24 hours: $29.95/£23.95 incl. free shipping





My Personal Guarantee

The Mypastlife package also comes with a genuine no quibble satisfaction guarantee, so if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, just let me know … ANYTIME within 60 days… and I’ll refund your money immediately.

huntersmithSo far, I have been able to tap into three past lives by using your program. It was able to bring much insight into my life. It’s been able to answer some of my questions and some of the mystery of my past lives. Hunter Smith.

But that’s not all…

Mypastlife is essentially TWO audio recordings that you can either download and use right away… OR, I can send you a Past Life Regression CD in the post as well, that you can then use from any standard CD player.


Whether you choose the downloads or CD, you will also receive TWO FREE E-Books. One is called,

mplreport“How to Create a Better Life NOW by Unlocking the Secrets of Your Hidden Past Lives” ,

and the other is called,


mplsleepreport“How To Uncover Past Lives in Your Sleep”.

Both are invaluable aids for your personal journey of discovery and have been written to help you get absolute maximum benefit from the Mypastlife program.

The E-Books are yours to read and keep whether you decide to keep the audio program or not, and have some fascinating ideas that may change the way you think about things forever.

So you really do get everything you need – Past Life Regression Downloads, Past Life Regression CD, Past Life E-books, for a guaranteed low price, and whether for fun, curiosity or as part of a deeper search for understanding and meaning, a Past Life Regression is always a fascinating experience and one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

mannypaez“… I think that in this life, I’ve been given the opportunity to make things right and have the family that I never had with her and love her and show her how much I really care about her. I don’t know if I’m completely correct but in my heart it feels that the would be the right thing. Thank you so much. ” Manny Paez.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please just ask: info@mypastlife.com. Otherwise, if you would just like to get on with it, you can…


Wishing You Happy Travels!




Andrew Parr & everyone at www.mypastlife.com.

mel“Dear Andrew, just wanted to say a big thank you for the Past Life Regression Download. I’ve used it five times so far …”

M Baldwin – Horse Trainer


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