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Past Life Stories - Past Life Regression

Past Life Stories

Manny Paez

mannypaez“Hey Andrew,

I tried the past life regression session at my home and i was amazed on the revelation i received. I’m still a little confused about the whole experience but somewhat at ease with myself.

All my life i’ve been looking for some type of direction on how my life is supposed to be but never was sure and always doubtful and confused on what i really was meant to do. When i tried the regression, i found myself in different places experiencing different situations.I used to be a knight in my past life and for what i could tell i was very important because i was in charge, i think my rank was like a general or something like that. Which i don’t even know if they really had ranks but i know i was very important!

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Milli Thornton

Milli ThortonHi Andrew,

It sounds as if you enjoy getting feedback, so I’d like to tell you about my first regression using the audio file (guided version) that I downloaded from your site last week.

I was blown away with what I heard. The hypnotic sound effects go hand-in-hand with your smooth and reassuring voice.

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Suzanne“… I settled down, switched on the CD and straight away Andrew’s soothing voice put me at ease – it felt exactly the same as if I was in his room with him.

The first image that came to mind was of a Norseman, just the face in the mask, and then a stag like creature.   Then the name Robert McKechnie came to me, as did the age 37, 1915 and 1917 and Newfoundland.

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Tarina Rissanen

Hello Andrew.

I have at last discovered that what I always wondered about is indeed a memory, not a dream.

It has been recurring since childhood. I remember being in an area so vast that it had neither walls, nor roof , nor floor. I was standing on solid footing, and in a line-up. There are people in front of me. The line up slowly progresses. As we move forward I notice there are boxes under a table that we are approaching. It is almost my turn, I see a man sitting at a table, and a woman is standing behind him on his left side, with her hand resting on his shoulder.

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Amanda Shertzer

Amanda Shertzer“Hi again, Andrew. I’ve really enjoyed the guided Past Life Regression. I’ve discovered 2 different lives – the first in 1860′s England and one in 1511 (not sure where that one was). I’m working now on trying to figure out how they relate and influence my current life.

I’ve also been enjoying the weekly “lesson” emails. Keep up the fantastic work!”

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Hunter Smith

 huntersmithDear Andrew,

I would just like to send you an e – mail to tell you how much I love and appreciated the My Past Life program. I think that it is wonderful!

So far, I have been able to tap into three past lives by using your program. It was able to bring much insight into my life. It’s been able to answer some of my questions and some of the mystery of my past lives.

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