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Questions - Past Life Regression


Past Life Questions

 What does a Past Life Regression feel like?

This tends to vary from person to person, but is usually quite a relaxing experience. Sometimes it can feel rather like a daydream, whilst other times it can seem as if you are really there – but still know where you are physically right now, at the same time.

Are you asleep, awake or what?

If you think of what it feels like when you wake up gently after a good night’s sleep, then the moment when you know you are awake but haven’t yet opened your eyes is probably the best way to imagine the hypnotic state required for Past life Regression.

You are neither fully awake nor fast asleep – but drifting somewhere in between.

Are they really ‘Past Lives’?

This is always a topic for lively debate and the only thing I can suggest is to try it for yourself and then decide. There are times when you feel that maybe it was just imagination, but at other times you are in no doubt that something quite profound has just happened… when you’ve been there, you just KNOW!

What is the ‘Mypastlife’ audio program?

The Mypastlife audio program gives you a full-on Past life Regression, the same way you would if you went to see a Past Life therapist, but in the comfort and security of your own home.

With Mypastlife, I ( Andrew Parr) have recorded the complete process for you and lead you step by step along the way, into the altered state of awareness, through the Past Life Experience and back again.

It comes as two audio downloads which you can read about here, and a CD version you can read about here. Plus there are some FREE E-Books included to enhance your experience.

Mypastlife effectively replaces the need for the therapist – so no need for repeat appointments or high fees!

Can you really have a genuine Past Life Regression this way? Is it safe?


This regression recording is word-for-word what I say to my private clients. Obviously you don’t get quite as much interaction between therapist and client – but it’s pretty close. And this can sometimes be an advantage.

You see, many people are afraid of going to see a past life therapist for fear of having to open up in front of someone, or find someone they can trust. With Mypastlife, it’s just you and the program, safe and secure in your own home.

Your mind will only take you to something that is useful and beneficial for you at this time, and you can bring yourself out of the experience anytime you choose.

The whole experience lasts about 40 minutes each go – but you can use it again and again, as many times as you wish…

What equipment do you need?

With Mypastlife we’ve tried to make it very easy for you. The Past Life Regression Downloads will run straight from your computer – you just click on the files and off you go. All you have to do is turn your speakers on or settle back with a comfortable pair of headphones (which we highly recommend).

Or you can transfer the downloaded audio files to an iPod or similar device if you wish.

The Mypastlife CD Version contains both Past Life Regressions and can be played through your computer or any standard CD player.

What’s on the CD?

The CD essentially contains two audio recordings, each of which will give you a genuine Past Life Regression. Full details of the Past Life Regression CD are given here.

What is a download and how does it work?

A download is a file that can be transferred from somewhere on the Internet to your own computer. When you purchase Mypastlife you are given four downloads – two Past Life Regression audio files, each of which can give you a genuine Past Life Regression, and two E-Books, designed to enhance your experience and help you get the most out of your Past Life Regressions. read more about downloads >

Can a Past Life Regression help you nowadays?

Yes, sometimes immediately and very directly. By tapping into your Past Lives it seems that you can often break repeating cycles of illness, anxiety or depression, for example. Those of you who have read Brian Weiss’ book, “Many Lives, Many Masters” will be aware of this.

Very often Past Life Regressions can help you indirectly too. They can serve the purpose of highlighting issues within you – conscious awareness of a problem always being the first step to freedom.

We go through this in more detail in the Online Past Life Regression course (sign up for FREE), where we discuss various techniques for accessing Past Lives and using that information or experience to help you resolve problems nowadays.

It is also covered in the Free E-Books you get when you purchase Mypastlife.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Yes. I can’t make any promises or guarantees about the nature of the experience you will have, as this will vary from person to person according to state of mind, situation, expectations, etc.

However, what I can guarantee is that if you are patient and persistent you will have a genuine Past Life regression within a reasonable space of time.

But if for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a full refund – anytime within 45 Days – and no questions will be asked.

So if you are thinking of trying it it but are not sure, there really is no risk – you can proceed with peace of mind.

Is it affordable?

Yes, I like to think so. 

Thanks to the wonderful technology available nowadays, you can have all the Past Life Regression materials and begin uncovering your own Past Lives for a tiny fraction of the amount you would pay to go see a private therapist – yet still have the same quality experience.

Latest offers are detailed here.

What do you have to do next?

If you are interested in trying it out, click here to begin.

Your first Past Life adventure awaits in just a few moments…

Begin Past Life Regression Now…